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(C) is for Second Chance?

In limited circumstances, a defendant may move within 60 days of being sentenced or 60 days of the mandate on the direct appeal to have the sentencing court review the sentence and possibly modify or reduce the sentence.

“Effective Assistance” Means a Little More

“Trial attorneys must avoid improper argument if the system is to work properly. If attorneys do not recognize improper arguments, they should not be in a courtroom. If trial attorneys recognize improper argument and persist in its use, they should not be members of The Florida Bar.”

Can’t Make the Sick Chicken Better

There is also a human element to a criminal defense. The accused is a person. Usually, the accused has family and friends that care about him/her regardless of what the allegations might be. A good criminal defense attorney recognizes this and tries to nurture a relationship with the client and his/her family in order to…